How to Market an Auto Repair Business – Ceve Marketing

Send out mailers to let clients know about the distinctive services you offer. If, for instance, you offer repair of auto hail damage within your local area, you may advertise it during hailstorms that are more prevalent. Also, your customers are able to learn about your towing services so they know what to do if their vehicle is damaged.
You should compete on service, not price

You’d like to stay competitive however, you shouldn’t be tempted to make sacrifices. You will always find someone looking to cut the cost that your competition is charging. It’s not logical to lower your prices even if your car repair shop is a top-quality service provider and has competitive pricing. Your business will be losing money and your customers won’t be happy with the vehicles they buy.

Instead of focusing on price, compete on customer service. Understand what your target market likes and offers them better than the other repair shops are able to offer. Offer a temporary vehicle to repair the damage if it is not completed on time or a mobile mechanic to arrive at night if it is necessary (for instance, when somebody breaks down on the way to home after work).

Purchase Gift Certificates, or use Coupons

If you’d like to see more customers who come to your doors, you’ve come to the correct location. Since you are a proprietor of a repair shop we must recognize the process of acquiring new customers can be an effort. It is possible to use coupons and gift cards to get more clients.

Start with coupons. It is possible to start with coupons. Coupons that aren’t useful enough or pertinent enough to the consumer (i.e. aren’t what they’re looking for) won’t do much good for your business. If you want coupons to work, it must be relevant.