Freezing Weather Preparation Tips – Sales Planet

EED could be defined as bumps, water pools or huge dips that do not have apparent causes, and crumbling asphalt. Such signs must be reported to a professional asphalt paver immediately.
Protecting pipes

Another important tip regarding freezing weather prep is to protect your pipes from cold temperatures. Pipes that freeze can be a huge issue in cold weather which can result in costly repairs. It is important to ensure that the pipes are well-insulated, particularly those in outdoor locations or in areas that are not heated such as garages. Additionally, you should open cabinets doors that are under sinks, and place pipes on the form of heating tape, if needed.

The pipes can be insulate with fiberglass insulation or foam pipe insulation. Also, disconnect any garden hoses connected to the outdoor water source and turn off all external faucets.

Winter car maintenance

Auto repair and maintenance are one of the best ways to be prepared for cold conditions. Make sure you have adequate antifreeze and coolant inside your vehicle to avoid freezing of your radiator and the other engine parts. It is also important to check the tires to ensure they’re treaded to ensure traction during slick conditions.

Always keep an emergency kit in your car to deal with low temperatures. You will need items like jumper cables and flashlights in addition to blankets, flares, flares and an emergency kit.

Car troubles in winter can happen as you drive up mountains, through the roads that are icy, or driving through thick snow. Take the time to be prepared and slow down if necessary.

Garage door repairs and maintenance can help protect your vehicle from elements. Garage door springs could be damaged due to freezing temperatures, so ensure they’re well-maintained.

Be sure to park your car within an area that is well ventilation.