Are Voice Servers Worth it? – Andre Blog

You know much about non-voice chats and voice server servers. Which one is the best to utilize when you’re worried about receiving Robux? These results might shock you, so watch this video!

His study starts with AFKs on non-voice chats for an hour. This is to determine how many robux he has collected during the time. After an hour, he had raised around 300 robux on the non-VC server. He also had a raised-to-donation ratio high with respect to the amount generated.

He will then begin AFKing for an hour using a voiceserver to determine if money raised is lower or greater than the times spent in non-VC servers. The amount raised was only five robux this time. The figures are obvious for this particular case. A non-VC server can be the best option increase the amount of revenue generated by Roblox, while AFKing.

Even though voice-based chat rooms can be effective in certain other fields, non-VC server may not be the best choice for you. For this particular situation but, the primary alternative was clearly obvious! To learn more about the non-voice or voice chat server and voice chat servers, do some study to find out which one works best for your case.