10 Paths to Becoming an Attorney – Boston Equator

The injury is caused by malice or incompetence or recklessness in the actions of the other person or business. You need to know how to get evidence from clients and other players and also be aware of possible pitfalls when working. The law firm may not require any additional certifications, however, training could help you acquire the necessary knowledge for this field. If you’re a personal injury attorney you can earn from $57K-$120K.
6. Real Estate Lawyer

If you’re one who is drawn by the subject of real estate, and enjoy law, then this could be the perfect field for you to pursue. You’ll protect the rights of individuals when they buy their homes as a real estate attorney. Because buying a home could be the biggest purchase every person makes during their life so it’s natural they’ll require assistance to make sure they’re not taken advantage of. If you’d like to aid people in finding and creating documents like mortgages, titles and purchase agreements so that they do it correctly then this lawyer is who to contact. Some states require that the real estate attorney has been present for the closing of a deal.

It is important to know the key words and phrases that are used in real-estate or property law. Therefore, you may take advantage of a class in real estate and polishing your negotiation skills as well. This training will allow you to learn about the various zoning laws and also how you can purchase an investment property. In this industry, your salary is between $135k and $172K per year. That’s around $83k on average.

7. Estate Planning Lawyer

If someone has to prepare for death or disease or death, they’ll require the aid of estate planning lawyers. As there are numerous legal issues involved with estate planning, it is essential to be aware of the various aspects. This is the attorney to be should you wish to aid those who want to ensure their assets and estates are managed effectively after they die.